Range check used to test whether an expression is within a range of values. This operator is inclusive, so it includes the start and end values of the range. The values can be of textual, numeric type, or dates

For example:

If the base table is LINEITEM, base column is L_SHIPDATE, from value is 1993-10-07, and to value is 1994-02-08, then the check is defined as,LINEITEM.L_SHIPDATE BETWEEN (‘1993-10-07’, ‘1994-02-08’).

Here the base column data less than 1993-10-07 and greater than 1994-02-08 are identified as invalid.

Below are the possible range conditions:

Steps to create range rule for uArrow:

1. Click + Add button in the range Rule for column L_SHIPDATE.

2. Do the following, In the range section for rule.

Parameter Name Description
Column Range rule column.
Rule Description Specify the rule description.
Rule Category Choose or create new dimension to classify rule if required.
Operator Choose range operator based on your requirement as mentioned in above screen.
Value Specify the range value.

Reference screen for Range check.

Click Apply button to update range check rule changes, and then click Save button to save job.