Key Differentiator: Functionalities

Facets uArrow Data Quality Competitors
Cost of License 5 times cheaper than the competitor product > 1000 USD Per User/Per Month
Hardware On-cloud No Hardware required

On-Premise you need a EC2-instance

You need multiple high-end machines to install IDQ & power center
Software Installation & Setup On-cloud No Installation required

On-Premise you need a, docker-compose  & PostgreSQL-client

You need to install multiple components like client and administrator
Databases/Schemas On-cloud no DB instance required

On-Premise you need one PostgreSQL DB require

You need around 7 DB/Schema instances. Domain, Model Repository Service, Profiling, Content Services, Human Task, Auditing Tables, Connection
Resources You need 1 resource to implement You need IDQ Developers, Admin & Architect
Implementation Timeline Can be done in one month Based on our prior experience, at least 6 months
Training and Support 2 Weeks of Product Training

Dedicated Support Team per Client

1000-1500 USD per day