Data Quality Dashboard

uArrow has rich dashboard to analyse the Data quality report with minimal effort. uArrow dashboard is integrated with Jira so that user can raise the Jira for data quality issues

How to view dashboard.
For instance user wants to view the dashboard for DQ-LINEITEM job.

Do the following, In the Data Quality section in the uArrow application
* Click on report button for job name DQ-LINEITEM.

Once you click on report it will open the dashboard for that particular job.

Data Profile Summary

Data Profile Details

Integrity Check Primary Key

Integrity Check Foreign Key

Integrity Check Bridge Key

Attribute Check Dictionary

Attribute Check Range

Attribute Check Pattern

Attribute Check Expression

Functional Check Relation

Functional Check Pair

Advanced Check Sql

Advanced Check Json

Raise the JIRA issue.

  • Click on Action button from the report.
  • Fill the required details as below.
  • Click on save button