A dictionary is a collection of descriptions to validate against Dataset column values.

Dictionary check rule will perform to match all the dictionary column values against dataset column values, and the match results summary will be reported in dashboard.

  • For example:

If the Base Table is LINEITEM, Base Column is L_LINESTATUS, the possible dictionary values should match in the base column data.
Here, if the LINEITEM.L_LINESTATUS column value does not match with dictionary values, then those base table records are considered as invalid.

Note: This option recommended for small list of values (< 100 values), for larger values its recommended to use foreign key or advance rule option.

Steps to create dictionary rule in uArrow:

1. Click + button in the dictionary rule for column L_LINESTATUS.

2. Click (+) Add Dictionary button to add dictionary values to job

Note: Excel file column should be same as dataset column name to upload new dictionary values.

3. Click Upload button to load dictionary values

After upload dictionary values, you can verify dictionary values, and then click Apply.

4. Provide below parameter values to create dictionary rule.

Parameter Name Description
Rule Description Specify the rule description.
Rule Category Choose or create new dimension to classify rule if required.
Dictionary Choose a created dictionary.
Dict Column Choose relevant column as dictionary column from select box.
Dict Values Dict Values would be loaded automatically from dictionary selection.

Finally click apply button and save job.