Create Data Quality Job

To create a Data Quality we need to browse to the dataset and click on the +DataQuality button
Steps to create data quality for a snowflake table
2. Click on snowflake Icon at snowflake.

3. Choose the data quality connection name Name.
4. Click on View tables green arrow —> at connection section.

5. You can filter and then choose the DATASETS, and then click on (+) DataQuality button to create DQ jobs.

6. Once the screen open Click on Columns tab if you want to exclude any columns from data quality process.

Note: Before excluding the columns please remove the existing rules configured in that column to avoid execution of those rules configured. and maximum you can have 50 columns to configure rules.

7 . Click on Filter tab if you want to exclude certain rows from data quality process. You can apply filter to restrict the data.

After providing filter SQL, verify, apply, and save the changes.

Note: The sql must be in relevant database / warehouse platform syntax.