uArrow – Data Migration

uArrow Data Migration is unique software-as-a-service application, that uses rich visual interface to configure Data Migration to leverage modern data processing platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift. User Intuitive UI makes the whole Data Migration Process quick, easy and full proof.

The beauty of the system is that it saves the drudgery and manual tasks normally required for tasks of this type, such as sourcing data from various platforms into one schema, the writing code for each kind of data, and all the transformations, validations and general checks normally performed. Using traditional methods, operations of this type can only be performed in stages, and not as one smooth operation!

For example, in the traditional method of migrating data, there is a need to write import script to extract data from the source database, e.g., an Oracle database or the csv/parquet files hosted in a S3 bucket. However, the operation does not end there. Data imported might need to be sorted, filtered, duplicated in multiple dbs/schemas of the target database, validated before being loaded to the defined target location. This is only possible by writing long and tedious code designed to achieve this process. Moreover, there might be a one-time requirement for data migration, which makes the whole code development process even more futile.

uArrow automates all these processes in a simple and transparent fashion, and all without writing any code whatsoever. System handles multiple sources in the form of database like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or Parquet/delimited files hosted in Amazon S3, Azure Blob and GCS. The Targets handled till date by the uArrow DM tool are Snowflake and Amazon Redshift.