Data Migration for Cloud Database.

Ability to migrate data from premise database’s to cloud warehouse within three steps.

It will take less than 2 minutes to build configuration using the Data Migration wizard.

No knowledge of target table scripts creation is required using Data Migration auto schema mapper.

Automated Scheduled runs, full-fledged dashboards for real-time job monitoring and data lineage.

Data Migration for Cloud Database

Key Features

Great for your cloud data migration project.

Migrating you’re on Premise data to the cloud has never been easier than this. From 3 step wizard of multiple table migration to schedule your run and monitor the job and lineage, you can streamline and customize your data migration workflow and fast track your cloud migration journey.

The Database Migration Service provides a guided approach that walks you through creating a migration with built-in, customizable source information, setting up several secured networking modules, and executing built-in scripts.


uArrow DM comes with an exhaustive list of Connection Adaptors like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MYSQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Redshift, AWS RDS, Big Query, Azure Synapse and many more that you would need.

Scheduling and Monitoring

uArrow DM also comes with inbuilt scheduling options for an incremental and full refresh. Ability to monitor the jobs and lineage. Provide tablewise success and failed rows and many more

Migration Workbench Components

Wizard-based migration workbench to choose a list of tables, follow source or target mapping, track bad records, apply filters, Sink to multiple targets at the same time and many more

{Bad} Records – Data Migration

Special Target mapping rules to convert data types from source to target are implemented. In the event of any records failing to load will be saved in bad records for your purview and action.

Migration Work Bench

Step by Step guided wizard helps you to perform the data migration seamlessly. All the migration details like a staging area, list of tables, refresh methodology, metadata mapping are done with a few clicks. The ability to select multiple targets across different cloud providers comes in handy.

Connectors Auto Schema Mapper Wizard Multiple Target Migration List of Tables Full Refresh Bad Rows Capture Incremental Load Filters Upload Mapping Config

DM So Unique

It has never been this simple to migrate data on-premise to the cloud in less than 2 minutes, while uArrow DM takes care of all the technical details on the migration using GPU Powered Migration Engine for robust and support large scale migrations. uArrow DM also provides full-fledged dashboards to schedule, monitor and view the data flow and lineage in real-time.

We created a set of Functional Areas that comes in handy to help you.

#lessthan 2 Mins Data Lineage Realtime Monitoring GPU Python Scalable Large Volume Why wait ?

3 Step Migration Wizard

Ability to migrate data from your on premise database to cloud warehouse within 3 steps. Our auto schema mapper requires no knowledge of target table scripts creation. It will take less than 2 minutes to build configuration using our wizard.

Multiple Targets

The ability to define multiple target cloud warehouses for the same migration job simplifies the setup of various environments in the cloud with a single click. We also support multiple target cloud providers like AWS, Google, Azure and Snowflake.

Bad Rows Capture

While migrating large and multiple datasets from source as a batch, uArrow DM automatically captures wrong rows and logs the reason for failure for your action and review.


Supports both ad-hoc and scheduled runs with the ability to monitor the batch progress view the dataset wise Real-time loading status. Ability to see the data lineage and integrated dashboards on the job.

Integrated Job Monitoring Dashboards

uArrow DM is a completely new product built using our experience in data migration activities. Provide real-time monitoring, data lineage graph, job statistics and view detail logs

Built by Database Practitioners for Data Owners

Section wise job monitoring dashboards.

Carefully crafted level of details for each section